Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Where has professionalism gone?  Since the real estate market has loosened up just a bit, I've had a chance and looking at some homes with different realtors.

The first realtor was an elderly man who could hardly walk and I never heard from him again even though he said he'd check every day if anything new came onto the market in my perimeters.

The second man was also elderly who had a four wheel drive vehicle and I swear he almost went off the road a half dozen times.  He also was an immigrant who had a lot of views about our government.  A lot that I had to disagree with and came to the conclusion after him showing me some properties a couple of times, that I just didn't want to continue arguing with him about political views.  In real estate you aren't supposed to talk about religion or political views or being biased about certain ethnicities, which he failed to do.  Not good business sense at all.

The next realtor was a girl that when we met she was driving a four wheel drive pick-up truck with those three foot tires so you literally had to pull yourself into the truck with both hands and getting out of the truck is jump like you were jumping out of a plane when you skydived or slid out like she suggested.  Both very strenuous and don't these people think of their clients who they are trying to impress.  They don't have to have a Mercedes car, but come on.  Oh yea, she was a single mother of four kids.  Each two of the kids had different fathers and she wasn't married to any of the fathers.  She also said she couldn't take me to see houses the next day because she was taking her kids to an amusement park.  She had a large tattoo on her back which she showed without any qualms about it.  When we talked about raising kids, she said she'd just give them a hit on the side of their heads when they didn't obey her.

Then I recently talked to a broker who said she'd link me up with one of her sales people.  It was a girl who just had a baby and will be bringing her newborn with her when she shows me property.

Now, come  on.  I know all of these single moms need money, but come on...

In my day and age, and now I'm talking like I'm Methuselah, realtors would be properly dressed, talk professionally and have a vehicle for their clients to be able to get in and out of easily.  Where is our world going?

When I had my business, none of these terrible things would not have even crossed my mind to do, because they would have been deemed inappropriate if we did do anything like that.  Although I must say, once I hired a girl part time to answer my phones.  She attended the university nearby and she came dressed with thongs on.  Needless to say, she was gone the next day.  She knew she was coming to a professional office.

Either I'm really being anal retentive or I'm going crazy.  Please...let me know!

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