Thursday, April 17, 2014


My very nice next door neighbor who has her son living with her and who has fake hips had a problem with getting photos out of her camera and phone and sending an e-mail of one of the photos out of 176 photos she didn't know how to get out of her camera.  So knowing I knew how to do it she asked for my help.  Of course, I said and welcomed her into my apartment.

During knowing her in the past five years, I've never smelled her of any odors.  She's always seemed to be clean in respects to herself; clean clothes, always looking nice, hair done and colored and just figured she was normal.  But as I invited her in my apartment and she sat on my couch next to me while I was transferring her photos into my computer and trying to figure out her phone so she could e-mail, which she never did figure out and either could I, it was time for her to go.  As I walked her to the door, I still didn't notice anything odor wise.

As I sat back down in front of my computer working on other things, I got a whiff of something that was very off.  I kept working on my computer thinking it may have come from outside, since I had my sliding glass door open.  Then I kept on smelling this very foul odor again and again.  So I started sniffing around.  The odor was coming from where she was sitting on my couch.  Ohhhhhh.  It was sickening.  I thought, oh no, she wrecked my couch with that smell and now I have to smell that all the time?  It was so strong of a smell I thought I'd never get it out. 

The first thing I though of was Fabreeze which I had just a little bit left in the spray bottle.  I sprayed and sprayed and ran out so I added a little water and sprayed again and again until the material on my couch was not completely wet, but almost.  I then got my lavender air spray and sprayed the couch seat and my apartment with that.  I did a great job and that Fabreeze really did get out I'd say 98% of that foul odor, but I'm going out to get some more today.  For some reason, I can still, once and a great while smell that foul smell.  I'll saturate that area of my couch she sat on again today.

The smell smelled like (and I don't want to freak anybody out) an infection she may have in her private parts or dirty underwear she never changed or just someone who is overweight and cannot reach down into that area to wash properly.

What a shame.  I wonder if she knows she has this smell down there?  Lesson learned.  Old people smell...well, maybe not all of them, but beware!


A couple weeks ago I went to volunteer at a local community garden.  I found out about this garden from a local TV station which I don't usually watch.

This is a big undertaking by a retired city Parks & Recreation landscaper who planted grass on the city parks and recreation facilities.

It's a third of an acre.  After they had plowed over the remaining plants from last year, we had the pleasure of relaying the irrigation drip hoses.  There must have been 50 lines to lay back in, but there were about 10 people in attendance volunteering, so it went pretty fast.  Next is putting up additional fencing inside the already 8 1/2 foot fencing surrounding the third of an acre.

The actual planting of the seeds and small plants will take place next month.

Although I wore my ankle high hiking boots, which are waterproof, my white socks got so dirty that soaking them in bleach and laundry detergent didn't really help that much to get them back to almost white which is what I expected them to.  So they will be my sacrificed socks I will wear in the future for this job.  I've thought of buying high rubber boots, but I don't think their price will justify the purchase, because I believe, once all of this pre-planting work is done, it's just a matter of planting the plants and we'll be working on the walkways that are planned.

The problem with this church organization is that they never return your phone calls or e-mails.  Sooooo frustrating.  I wanted to volunteer last year, left my name and number and they never called me.  So this year in March I went down to the church and talked to someone and they did contact me.  However, I wanted to document this whole process of this garden, e-mailed who I thought was the appropriate person, and, of course, no one ever returned my e-mail.  I told the person in charge and she said to send it to someone.  Well, that's never going to happen.  I forgot who it was and now it's too late to get the complete process from start to finish.  I'll probably take some photos.  Someone did take some photos with a phone and said they're on Facebook, but who knows where on Facebook.  So unorganized.  Wait, have I become anal retentive? 

The leader brought about three dozen doughnuts and coffee for the volunteers.  Well, I haven't eaten a doughnut in so long, I did indulge in a custard filled, chocolate topped one during a break.  After I ate it, I felt I had a heavy weight in my stomach.  I believe it would have been better to bring maybe a fresh fruit bowl and maybe punch to drink.  The leader was way overweight and I knew where she was coming from.  That lifestyle of fast foods and doughnuts for breakfast.  Hey, once and a while...OK, but I believe this was her way of life.  Again, another pretty, young girl, morbidly obese.

Of course, there's always one in the group that thinks they're the boss and just stands there giving orders.  I just ignored her.  But everybody else put their heart and sole and a lot of physical energy into the job. 

There was also a young girl, probably about 12 years old.  I believe she was ADD or one of those disorders where she was on borderline annoying with constantly talking to everyone saying weird things.  When she talked to me, I just went along with her, knowing there was something a bit off kilter with her.  It seemed she craved having friends or making them and was in your face all the time.  But with as many people that were there, it wasn't too bad.  I felt sorry for her in a way, because her social skills at that age were not all there.  Hopefully she'll grow into a fully socially accepted individual.  Cute kid and always willing to work.  She did mostly gopher work, like getting the pins to hold down the irrigation hoses for all of us.  She was a great help doing that and so willing to accommodate anything we asked her to help us with.  I look forward to working with her again.  She had an uplifting personality, happy and she was well articulated.  That's who and what I need in my life now.  Young thoughts, happy thoughts, not what I usually hear where I live; always talking about their illnesses and what their doctors say.  Ugh!

Anywho, looking forward to our next get together.

Friday, April 11, 2014


I finally met my new neighbor.  She's 86 years old, very frail, has a walker and in my opinion, too old to live alone.  Seeing her hobble around slowly on a walker in fear of falling, which has already happened and she fractured a hip, as well as not being able to fully take care of herself is sad.  Yes, she does have a cat and does use one of those things over the toilet to help her sit down.  If it were my mother, this would not be the route I'd choose for her.  Either the daughter and son-in-law should have her live with them or put her in a facility that will care for her.  It's just a matter of time until that apartment will be vacant.  She's next to go in my building.  Her daughter and son-in-law shop for her, her daughter cleans a bit for her and she has a cleaning lady come twice a month to clean her apartment.  Now, is this how people should live here?  I don't know why they even let her live here.

Like I've said before, this place is supposed to be for people who can care for themselves, but I'd say 2/3 of the people here cannot.  I don't like seeing this.  I gotta get outta here.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


I feel the senile, snoring snorter has taken a turn for the worse.  As I was taking a nap in my bedroom (it was during the day, so I thought I wouldn't be waken up from her) I was woken up by her talking in a really distressed way.  She always talks to herself, but now she didn't stop and it didn't sound like she was talking on the phone.  So I called her on the phone.  She wasn't talking on the phone.  Her phone rang and she didn't answer.  It went to her answering machine and maybe she didn't hear it or she's going nuts in her last days.  She's been ooooing and awing these past few days and I don't believe she's gone out since last Sunday for church, but I believe she didn't set her clock ahead because she went out at the same time as usual.  Yep, she's senile alright and maybe even dying next door.  Who knows?  She says she has four kids, but who knows?  I've seen no one care about her visiting or taking her out or maybe even calling her on the phone.  It kind of sounds like she's alone and is going to die next door alone.  I heard her zipping up something like a suitcase and thought maybe she's going to the hospital.  But no.  She continues on mumbling talking to herself.  I think she's going mad.  Really.  Maybe that's how I'll die.  Alone and going mad and ooooing and awing.


My new neighbor lady who moved into the apartment where the annoying man died of cancer is who I figured would move in.  She needs a cane to walk.  It's a cane made out of a tree branch.  It's very thick and light colored.  I believe she needs a cane like that because she's so overweight.  She's very quiet and I believe her daughter comes mostly every day to help.  The son used to come almost every day also since she moved in, but now I don't see or hear him.  He's a pretty nice guy and on St. Patrick's day he came out of his mother's apartment just as I was going in mine and said, "Just had our corned beef and cabbage."  He's not that bad looking either and has an uplifting personality, which I need living here in this nearly dead attitude and lives of most of these people.  I haven't met her personally yet, but maybe one of these days.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Last year, while watching a shopping network, they had a guy on selling different foliage for the upcoming spring planting.  They were different from the plants you would buy from your home store. 

One segment caught my eye.  Succulents!  One of my favorites, although they were sending four different ones and two of each of them.  However, when they sent mine, they all kind of looked alike.  They send them in such a young state you really didn't know if it was the variety they advertised you would get.  So as soon as I opened the box and saw what I got and said to myself, these all looked alike I called them.  The lady said to plant them and if they all were alike I should call them back in six months (they had a year warranty).  OK, did that, and in fact, they were almost all the same.  Also, in six months two died which were still under warranty.  So I did call them back and the man, which I believe was the one on TV on the shopping network because of his voice which had an accent and his voice sounded exactly the same.  He was really nice about it and even gave me two bonus plants.  This was last year I talked to him.  He said he wouldn't be able to send me the plants until this March because his shipping dates have already finished.  I was disappointed but OK I said.

I just saw him again on TV selling plants for this spring season and remembered I'm supposed to get those plants I was promised last year, so I called the company again to see when they will be sending them.  An elderly lady answered the phone now, might be his mother with the same accent.  She didn't know when I'd be receiving my plants, but took my e-mail address and will e-mail me when they're on their way.  I'll believe it when I see it.

Now when I see this guy on TV, I say to my self.  Good luck on what you're really going to get because the plants are so small when you get them, you really don't know you got the plant you ordered.


This past three days of our new neighbor moving in has left me shaking my head again.  Another low class, pathetic (and I say that in a nice way) disabled person.  I haven't seen her yet and I'm guessing she doesn't move or can't do anything for herself.  So I guess either her daughter or a caretaker will be taking care of her.  I don't know where she would sleep because her apartment is a one bedroom.  I may be jumping to conclusions here, but I'll keep you updated as I see and learn more.

From the son who must be in his 60s and the grandson, I believe, to a daughter also helping.  With them hollering back and forth to each other (and sometimes in a disrespectfull manner) to rolling a trolley back and forth from the parking area into her apartment.  Of course, going back and forth in front of my window.  The son was also smoking right in front of her apartment which is almost directly in front of my window, but over one apartment (right under the old bat who snores...ha, ha, ha)  although she's so senile, she probably didn't even notice it.  As I walked over the bridge he was smoking.  These people don't know you're not supposed to do that because the smoke rises and disturbs your neighbors with the smell.  OK, I've got to give them that.  Evidently, she must be pretty disabled because I saw one of those seats disabled people use over their toilet with handles on them to help them sit.  At least I think that's how you use it.  I also saw a cat box.  She must have a cat.

Of course, the old bat living next to me was sure to introduce herself.  I'm sure they'll become great friends since that lady is disabled and the old bat can feed off of that.  In fact, they both can exchange all their illnesses, what their doctor said and on and on and on.

Me, I stay away.  If and when the occasion arises, I will say hi, but only that.  Another sicky to watch hobble around or perhaps in a wheelchair or walker, or worse. 

The grandson who was helping was flying a neat little airplane around in the greenbelt.  It was one of those operated by remote control.  I think it went on somebody's upper apartment patio.  I saw him go and look where it went.  He didn't look too happy.

She has so much stuff.  I don't know where they are putting it all.  This is three full days of three people moving her in.  Fortunately, I've been a way for a lot of the commotion.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Now that the old man downstairs and next door to me died and they have completed moving out and cleaning his apartment, I found out that the next person to move in is a lady.  They drove by about a week ago in her son's car and they wanted to know where the apartment was.

Good luck old lady, because you'll be downstairs from the mean, rude one that lives next to me with the cart banging all over the place.  She'll be telling you all her ailments and you'll see how she thrives on everybody's, not only her own, illnesses and deaths.

The one next door has been ringing my doorbell and left me a card in an envelope taped to my door.  It said she's been using nose strips to help her stop snoring.  Evidently, she talked to the manager again and the manager told her I've been loosing a lot of sleep because of her snoring.  I guess I was the topic of their discussion probably when the old bat gave her rent check to the manager.  After six months, she's finally doing something(?).  Sorry, too little, too late.  I threw the card back in front of her door on the ground. 

Tomorrow I'm going to see a few houses for sale, if this rain stops and streets aren't flooded.

I've come to the conclusion I cannot stand to be around old, senile people.  From them still writing checks in stores, their deafness, their senility and having soooo many around all the time at home and in the stores.

A nurse who lives in Folsom has a husband who is a doctor who had an office up here.  She told me there were a lot of old people up here.  I had just moved here, so what did I know?  But sure enough, after five years here, I've realized not only are there tons of old people here, but homeless people have flocked here because of the free food given at the homeless restaurant and now they're building wooden shelters for them to live in until "they get on their feet."  That's a laugh.  So they're flocking here from all over.

The walking path near my home has hidden tents in the bushes and trees along with backpacks they hide so they can come back and camp there without having to carry the backpacks with them throughout the day.  There are trash bags all around as well as garbage strewn all over.  It's a shame because this area is so beautiful if it weren't for the old, senile people and the homeless.

Friday, February 28, 2014


While I was at the sewing machine retailer's store, they were giving classes in free motion stitching.  There were about 15 ladies there and it looked like a lot of fun.  The sales lady who was trying to sell me a machine said there would be five free classes to help me learn the capacities of the machines.  These free motion classes were something extra you'd pay for, but still it looked like a lot of fun.  They offer a lot of other classes in quilting and sewing and even workshops at their store.  This opens up a whole new area in my life I'd like to get into. 

I've been looking for a quilting group for almost a year now in my area.  I've even attended a sewing guild's meeting which gave me a link as to a group, more of what I'm looking for.  I got a phone number and the lady told me they met at her house but she was moving and would call me when she started up the group again. 

This group you would bring your machine with you and they only do quilting.  Boy, this lady must have a large house.  She said there were about eight to ten people attend.

There was another group I found that met at a church and made quilts for veterans, single moms and the needy, which I thought sounded really great, but the church wanted a group of 20 or more and there were only about three or four people attending so they no longer had a place to quilt.  I believe the church thought there wasn't enough people for them to spend electricity, water, etc. in the large basement for it to be that cost efficient.

I keep trying, but it seems, like I said, things are drying up around here.


A few of my favorite sewing and quilting TV shows I watched have gotten me intrigued with those amazing sewing and embroidery machines with the computer screens on them.  With just a touch on the screen you can tell it automatically what size stitch or embroidery pattern you want sewn and so so much more.  Since my old, but like new Singer manual (not computerized) machine may need to be updated,(secretly wishing, so I can allow myself to get a new machine) I thought I'd do that long, wanting to do thing, research.

Since they showed these machines on TV, I figured the common, everyday person could afford these machines.  Wroooong.  I first called by phone to a sewing machine retailer.  She said they cost $10,000!  That couldn't be true, I told myself.  So I went to Folsom in person to actually see these machines.  I was mesmerized by them.  Unbelievable at some of the greatest things I've ever seen.  They were, indeed, $10,000 to $12,000 range.  They said they could give me a 20% off on those.  But still...really?  The one I wanted would be $8,000+/-, depending if I would pay cash or I could buy it on a 48 month interest free credit plan they had.  Yeah...right.  This sounds like buying a car, I thought. 

When I got home, just for the fun of it, I compared two machines from the literature the sales lady provided me at the store.  I also went on line to get the instruction manuals on both.  On the lesser expensive machine the sales lady showed me, she said I'd have to put a small snowman figure on where I would want the embroidery to start, whereas on the more expensive machine, it had a laser which did it automatically.  Wroooong.  The lesser expensive one had a laser pen where you would just beam it on the material where you want the machine to start embroidering.  I don't know if that was what she said to have me go for the more expensive machine or she just didn't know the capabilities of the lesser expensive machine.  I think the most amazing thing I liked is the automatic needle threader.  My Singer machine has an automatic needle threader but I have to put the thread through a hoop, over a hook and manually swing a small arm over to insert the thread through the eye of the needle and that didn't always work that well.  These machines just do it all for you.  Like I said, amazing.

Anyways, it's so amazing just to read the instruction manuals on line to see what these machines really do.  The more expensive machines, of course, had more built in stitches and memory where you could store your own.  The more expensive machine was too much of a machine I would want or need to handle.  Even the lesser machine was quite a bit more of a machine than I would need or want, unless I had a sewing business.  Of course, I'll be hearing from the sales lady within the week to tell me the prices have just gone down, since she took my phone number. 

I've even thought of just getting an embroidery machine only with large hoops and get a regular sewing machine which is computerized with over 600 built in stitches for about $500.  I'm still researching what an embroidery machine with a screen would cost.  I don't know if I want to do that.  The embroidery machines only still have a large footprint.  They would take up a lot of room and something you wouldn't have to set up and take down every time you used it, especially here in this apartment.  But it's fun to ponder the possibilities.

So on these very rainy days we're going to be having, I will have learned and enjoyed learning about these fantastic machines on line.  These manuals are over 300 pages each, so that should keep me busy for a while.