Sunday, June 1, 2014


The other day, I went to the Tractor Supply store to see if they had a new type of hummingbird feeder.  It's shaped like a flying saucer and it's gotten good reviews from people who have purchased them.  They were at Walmart...a lot of them stacked which I saw earlier and ignored because I wanted one that was glass.  So I looked on line at Walmart's site because I probably could find them on-line.  A good thing I waited, because now I could get a larger one (16 oz.) and a little nicer looking with an ant moat on top in the middle of it. It also has yellow flowers on the feeding ports which will match my glass long hummingbird feeder when they are hung together.   I ordered the one which I thought was the best out of all that they had on their site.  The best price, size, look and sturdiness of them all.  It was quite expensive ($20+).  Well, it's something new every hummingbird lover and feeder is clamoring for now.  I'm sure after about six months and more competition, they'll be going down in price.

I also went to Home Depot before Walmart and they have a new and improved hummingbird feeder just like my nice large glass one which has been holding up just great and looks almost like new after using it for almost ten years.  This new one has an ant moat on top and raised yellow flowers where the feeding holes are so the bees can't get in.  I'm not sure about that feature since those bees are pretty creative as to how to get to the sugar water food.

So, while at the Tractor Store, they were having another adoption for dogs and cats.  One kitten was adopted and they had a couple of little Chihuahua dogs for adoption.  I don't think any dogs were adopted before I got there, but talked to the nice ladies always willing to chat to animal people.

I'm expecting my new feeder this week sometime.  I've already made some sugar water food and kept it in the fridge so it will be ready for the new feeder.  However, I may have to refill before my new feeder arrives because my old feeder on the patio now is almost down to the bottom where I usually take it away and serve fresh.  That's OK.  So I'll put two out big deal.  How fun it is to plan for my friends.

The glass ones don't leak and are much more sturdier.  One of my hummingbird feeders still works, but it does look a bit worn.  That one is about 15+ years, if not a bit older.  That's the one I'll replace or still use it too and just rotate them all.

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