Wednesday, June 4, 2014


This morning, as I was making my coffee, nothing happened.  So, what anybody would try doing, is to turn the coffeemaker off and then again on.  Nothing.  I pulled its plug out of the wall socket and plugged it back in.  Nothing.  After doing these things three or four times, I just decided to heat my water in the microwave and pour it into the coffee filled filter of the coffee maker and let it drip down into the carafe.  It worked great.

I then thought that I've only had this Mr. Coffee about three or four years.  I had a coffee maker before that for 19 years, and yes, it still worked.  It was a free coffee brewer I got for purchasing Vidalia coffee.  I didn't like the coffee, but they said you can keep the coffee pot.  It did have to use the V-cone filters which are more expensive than the bowl type filters, but it was well worth the few extra pennies I paid for the filters.  It gave me great coffee.  I bought this Mr. Coffee because even after cleaning the other one and taking care of it for all those years, that it was starting to give me bitter tasting coffee.  Now that machine is in my storage unit along with my Norelco coffee maker that was like brand new but didn't have an on/off switch so you'd have to unplug it after each use.  This is when drip coffeemakers just started coming on the market.  But it did brew good coffee.  I bought that one in the late 70s and I used it for a couple of years.  That one is also in my storage building.

Yes, I believe these coffee makers being made now are strictly throwaways.

So I started searching on line for the best coffeemaker.  Consumer Reports says the Mr. Coffee, about $40 was the best.  It has all of the delayed timer, clock and some other things I didn't want or need.  So I decided to maybe get one like I had which was about $15.  Then I saw one that was on sale for about $20.  It also was a Mr. Coffee.  It was a four out of five stars review with people who purchased it.  Some of the reviews were pretty bad, but many found it a great coffeemaker.  What I liked about it, it did have a clock and delayed timer and a regular/strong setting and cleaning cycle and oh yea, it beeped when the coffee was done brewing and automatically shut off after two hours.  Nice deal for just a little more than the one I had and was planning to buy again.

So off to Walmart once again to pick up my new hummingbird feeder which is supposed be in today instead of tomorrow (nice surprise) when I tracked it this morning and get one of those coffeepots which is supposed to be in the stores to purchase as well as you can order it on-line.

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