Monday, June 9, 2014


I usually read my last blog to see where I have left off before writing a new blog.  This time, I kept reading and reading into the beginning of the new year.  Interesting, I thought to myself.  Some grammar, punctuation and sentence structure on some of my blogs was off, even after reading and editing them several times.  That's OK I thought, I think my readers will have gotten the jist of what I had wanted to say.  Even so, it's not like I'm being paid to do this.  But, all in all, very interesting writing I thought.  Remembering all the sad and happy times.  I don't know that I want to remember a lot of the terrible times and how I'm still having to deal with them.  I'm supposed to be moving forward with my life, not looking back.

My discount store is giving 10% off today.  It's Senior day, so off I'll go.

It's been so hot lately, my walk/jog for five miles has to be put off unless I want to go at 6:00 AM when the homeless people on the trail are still sleeping.  Kind of a risk, I say.

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