Thursday, June 5, 2014


Yesterday, I went down to Walmart to pick up my flying saucer shaped hummingbird feeder and got the coffeepot I had decided on.

When I got home and took the hummingbird feeder out of the box, I was surprised to see how nice and sturdy and how pretty it was.  It even looked better in person than on-line.  Unfortunately, it was missing it's long, screw in on one end and hook on the other end.

After reading the instruction booklet, the coffee maker I purchased was cleaned and quickly put to use.  It was really nice.  I really like the beep at the end of brewing.  However, I noticed that it isn't really quite brewing at the sound of the beep, but maybe a minute more is really what is needed for that small dripping at the end of the brew cycle.  I guess they figure that it will take you another minute to tend to the coffee maker if you are doing something else when the beep starts.  Most likely, it beeps when it senses there is no more water in the reservoir.  A more likely reason.  Maybe tomorrow morning or tonight I will set the delay setting and see if it goes on tomorrow morning.  Then another time I'll set it at the "stronger" setting it also has in its features.  So far, so good. 

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