Monday, May 5, 2014


Since I didn't do much on SaturdaY, I went on line to be put on a waiting list for one of my hiking groups to Lake Berryessa near Napa, CA.  I have relatives in Napa and have always wondered about this lake.  Luckily, at 10:45 PM the night before the hike, which we had to meet in Sacramento at 7:00 AM, I was put on the accepted list. 

So here I was charging the battery in my camera, making lunch and deciding what to wear.  I've done this gig so many times, it didn't take me long and I was up by 5:00 AM and left by 6:00 AM to get to Sacramento where our carpool was forming to leave at 7:00 AM.

It was another freeway to curvy road drive.  There were park rangers which guided us to various spots he was pretty sure we would see some interesting birds.  We were all excited to leave, but first had to take a photo of all of us because this was a program Michelle Obama formed to try and get more people active, especially in the parks.  It was a good idea we all thought, because the only really place for birding guided tours was with the Sierra Club or the Audubon Society.

So on our way we went.  Here are photos I took along the way.  Enjoy and don't forget to tap on each of them to get a full screen display!

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