Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Remember when I was doing One Sketch A Day?  That was long ago and again my mind in hand is telling me I should and must do something creative again.  This time getting back or having to sketch again...something...anything.

I even ordered that Bamboo drawing tablet to work with my computer.  Very fun.  But now I'm being drawn to work with pencils or pens and maybe a little watercolor.

OK.  Now to dig through boxes I recently again organized for my move out of this apartment.  All ready to go and stacked on my bedroom wall like 3-D art.

I've got on hold at the library a six week course exploring this creativity.

So get ready for my maybe not 365 days of drawings, but what I can pull out of the air.

I love going back to my art journals just to look at those drawings.  Not to see how much I've advanced...not much, but to just see the textures of the various mediums I used on the pages.

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