Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The other day, while it was pouring rain, my replacement plants finally arrived.  I quickly took them out of their box and looked to see if they were the variety I had originally ordered.  No, still not exactly right; but the ones they did send me, and some were too many of the same one, I planted them anyways. 

I had purchased a large bowl type planter a few weeks ago, in anticipation of my new babies to be cared for.  It was a beautiful planter I had seen a few years ago for $7.00 at a home improvement store.  I got it for $3.00 at our local discount store.

I still had soil for succulents and some of regular soil for container gardening and mixed them together to have enough soil to fill this large bowl planter.  I had purchased some plastic sheeting, also in anticipation of my new plants' arrival, so I could do all of this on my living room floor.  I anticipated the mess, and I must say, it wasn't that much mess, but to vacuum up a little soil and leaves that got on my living room rug.  The rest I folded into the plastic sheeting and dumped into the dumpster.

The plants they sent me were a lighter colored variety, which I was happy about, because the ones they had already sent me are a dark green in color with tinges of red on some of them.  The two I really liked, I wish they had sent me more of, are yellow colored with tinges of red on the edges of their leaves.  They also had little babies coming out of them.  As I watch them each day, they seem to be settling in very nicely. 

My huge succulent which was very beautiful, but in needing of new soil and a larger container, was sent to the trash bin.  I had placed it outside of the bin, so if anybody would want it, and I hoped they would, they'd take it and continue on carrying for it.  The next day, as I took out some trash to the dumpster, the plant was gone.  I hoped someone took it; most probably what happened, and no one just dumped it into the dumpster.  I looked quickly in the dumpster itself and didn't seen any of it in there, so it gave me more hope someone had it and will continue carrying for it.

I did take a few cuttings of that lovely plant, along with some other delicate succulent plants I had, and put them in one small six inch container.  If they take, they take, if they don't, into the trash and "I tried" attitude will be my motive to throw the poor thing out.

My perennial Mum plants got attacked by aphids, so I quickly sprayed them under the sink with water and got rid of a lot of them.  But the next day, I saw more still there.  You're supposed to spray aphids with a mixture of dish soap and water, but I didn't have an empty spray bottle to put the mixture in, so I just rubbed the dish soap on to the aphid parts of the plant and it worked!  No more aphids and I don't think they'll be coming back.

That poor plant has been attacked by my Gold Finch birds by eating their leaves.  At that time, I had purchased some tulle material and wrapped it over some wooden dowels I had purchased.  My care has paid off for this strong, little plant, because through all of this, it is still thriving.  Perennials rule!  There are numerous, very tiny buds on the ends of it's stems and I'm looking forward to their yellow flowers to bloom.

All in all, I've got plants now that will stay outside all year long, except the small six inch planter with the delicate succulents in them.  But no big deal in bringing them inside during the cold weather.  At least it's not hauling in that large, yet beautiful plant, I tossed out.

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