Thursday, April 17, 2014


My very nice next door neighbor who has her son living with her and who has fake hips had a problem with getting photos out of her camera and phone and sending an e-mail of one of the photos out of 176 photos she didn't know how to get out of her camera.  So knowing I knew how to do it she asked for my help.  Of course, I said and welcomed her into my apartment.

During knowing her in the past five years, I've never smelled her of any odors.  She's always seemed to be clean in respects to herself; clean clothes, always looking nice, hair done and colored and just figured she was normal.  But as I invited her in my apartment and she sat on my couch next to me while I was transferring her photos into my computer and trying to figure out her phone so she could e-mail, which she never did figure out and either could I, it was time for her to go.  As I walked her to the door, I still didn't notice anything odor wise.

As I sat back down in front of my computer working on other things, I got a whiff of something that was very off.  I kept working on my computer thinking it may have come from outside, since I had my sliding glass door open.  Then I kept on smelling this very foul odor again and again.  So I started sniffing around.  The odor was coming from where she was sitting on my couch.  Ohhhhhh.  It was sickening.  I thought, oh no, she wrecked my couch with that smell and now I have to smell that all the time?  It was so strong of a smell I thought I'd never get it out. 

The first thing I though of was Fabreeze which I had just a little bit left in the spray bottle.  I sprayed and sprayed and ran out so I added a little water and sprayed again and again until the material on my couch was not completely wet, but almost.  I then got my lavender air spray and sprayed the couch seat and my apartment with that.  I did a great job and that Fabreeze really did get out I'd say 98% of that foul odor, but I'm going out to get some more today.  For some reason, I can still, once and a great while smell that foul smell.  I'll saturate that area of my couch she sat on again today.

The smell smelled like (and I don't want to freak anybody out) an infection she may have in her private parts or dirty underwear she never changed or just someone who is overweight and cannot reach down into that area to wash properly.

What a shame.  I wonder if she knows she has this smell down there?  Lesson learned.  Old people smell...well, maybe not all of them, but beware!

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