Saturday, April 5, 2014


I feel the senile, snoring snorter has taken a turn for the worse.  As I was taking a nap in my bedroom (it was during the day, so I thought I wouldn't be waken up from her) I was woken up by her talking in a really distressed way.  She always talks to herself, but now she didn't stop and it didn't sound like she was talking on the phone.  So I called her on the phone.  She wasn't talking on the phone.  Her phone rang and she didn't answer.  It went to her answering machine and maybe she didn't hear it or she's going nuts in her last days.  She's been ooooing and awing these past few days and I don't believe she's gone out since last Sunday for church, but I believe she didn't set her clock ahead because she went out at the same time as usual.  Yep, she's senile alright and maybe even dying next door.  Who knows?  She says she has four kids, but who knows?  I've seen no one care about her visiting or taking her out or maybe even calling her on the phone.  It kind of sounds like she's alone and is going to die next door alone.  I heard her zipping up something like a suitcase and thought maybe she's going to the hospital.  But no.  She continues on mumbling talking to herself.  I think she's going mad.  Really.  Maybe that's how I'll die.  Alone and going mad and ooooing and awing.

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