Saturday, April 5, 2014


My new neighbor lady who moved into the apartment where the annoying man died of cancer is who I figured would move in.  She needs a cane to walk.  It's a cane made out of a tree branch.  It's very thick and light colored.  I believe she needs a cane like that because she's so overweight.  She's very quiet and I believe her daughter comes mostly every day to help.  The son used to come almost every day also since she moved in, but now I don't see or hear him.  He's a pretty nice guy and on St. Patrick's day he came out of his mother's apartment just as I was going in mine and said, "Just had our corned beef and cabbage."  He's not that bad looking either and has an uplifting personality, which I need living here in this nearly dead attitude and lives of most of these people.  I haven't met her personally yet, but maybe one of these days.

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