Monday, March 10, 2014


Last year, while watching a shopping network, they had a guy on selling different foliage for the upcoming spring planting.  They were different from the plants you would buy from your home store. 

One segment caught my eye.  Succulents!  One of my favorites, although they were sending four different ones and two of each of them.  However, when they sent mine, they all kind of looked alike.  They send them in such a young state you really didn't know if it was the variety they advertised you would get.  So as soon as I opened the box and saw what I got and said to myself, these all looked alike I called them.  The lady said to plant them and if they all were alike I should call them back in six months (they had a year warranty).  OK, did that, and in fact, they were almost all the same.  Also, in six months two died which were still under warranty.  So I did call them back and the man, which I believe was the one on TV on the shopping network because of his voice which had an accent and his voice sounded exactly the same.  He was really nice about it and even gave me two bonus plants.  This was last year I talked to him.  He said he wouldn't be able to send me the plants until this March because his shipping dates have already finished.  I was disappointed but OK I said.

I just saw him again on TV selling plants for this spring season and remembered I'm supposed to get those plants I was promised last year, so I called the company again to see when they will be sending them.  An elderly lady answered the phone now, might be his mother with the same accent.  She didn't know when I'd be receiving my plants, but took my e-mail address and will e-mail me when they're on their way.  I'll believe it when I see it.

Now when I see this guy on TV, I say to my self.  Good luck on what you're really going to get because the plants are so small when you get them, you really don't know you got the plant you ordered.

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