Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Now that the old man downstairs and next door to me died and they have completed moving out and cleaning his apartment, I found out that the next person to move in is a lady.  They drove by about a week ago in her son's car and they wanted to know where the apartment was.

Good luck old lady, because you'll be downstairs from the mean, rude one that lives next to me with the cart banging all over the place.  She'll be telling you all her ailments and you'll see how she thrives on everybody's, not only her own, illnesses and deaths.

The one next door has been ringing my doorbell and left me a card in an envelope taped to my door.  It said she's been using nose strips to help her stop snoring.  Evidently, she talked to the manager again and the manager told her I've been loosing a lot of sleep because of her snoring.  I guess I was the topic of their discussion probably when the old bat gave her rent check to the manager.  After six months, she's finally doing something(?).  Sorry, too little, too late.  I threw the card back in front of her door on the ground. 

Tomorrow I'm going to see a few houses for sale, if this rain stops and streets aren't flooded.

I've come to the conclusion I cannot stand to be around old, senile people.  From them still writing checks in stores, their deafness, their senility and having soooo many around all the time at home and in the stores.

A nurse who lives in Folsom has a husband who is a doctor who had an office up here.  She told me there were a lot of old people up here.  I had just moved here, so what did I know?  But sure enough, after five years here, I've realized not only are there tons of old people here, but homeless people have flocked here because of the free food given at the homeless restaurant and now they're building wooden shelters for them to live in until "they get on their feet."  That's a laugh.  So they're flocking here from all over.

The walking path near my home has hidden tents in the bushes and trees along with backpacks they hide so they can come back and camp there without having to carry the backpacks with them throughout the day.  There are trash bags all around as well as garbage strewn all over.  It's a shame because this area is so beautiful if it weren't for the old, senile people and the homeless.

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