Friday, February 28, 2014


While I was at the sewing machine retailer's store, they were giving classes in free motion stitching.  There were about 15 ladies there and it looked like a lot of fun.  The sales lady who was trying to sell me a machine said there would be five free classes to help me learn the capacities of the machines.  These free motion classes were something extra you'd pay for, but still it looked like a lot of fun.  They offer a lot of other classes in quilting and sewing and even workshops at their store.  This opens up a whole new area in my life I'd like to get into. 

I've been looking for a quilting group for almost a year now in my area.  I've even attended a sewing guild's meeting which gave me a link as to a group, more of what I'm looking for.  I got a phone number and the lady told me they met at her house but she was moving and would call me when she started up the group again. 

This group you would bring your machine with you and they only do quilting.  Boy, this lady must have a large house.  She said there were about eight to ten people attend.

There was another group I found that met at a church and made quilts for veterans, single moms and the needy, which I thought sounded really great, but the church wanted a group of 20 or more and there were only about three or four people attending so they no longer had a place to quilt.  I believe the church thought there wasn't enough people for them to spend electricity, water, etc. in the large basement for it to be that cost efficient.

I keep trying, but it seems, like I said, things are drying up around here.

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