Monday, February 24, 2014


Finally, the annoying man neighbor dying from cancer died.  I must be the most terrible person on earth, I keep telling myself, for thinking like this since I moved into these apartments, but like I've said before... "Until you walk in my shoes."  That made my day.  When I saw people cleaning out his apartment a very large smile and a relieved sense of my being appeared.  I did my happy dance around my apartment, a ritual I've found myself doing since the one downstairs who smoked 24/7 died.  She too got cancer and died and I had to listen to her last breaths before dying.  She was the one living downstairs from me and I got her smoke in my apartment that sent me to the hospital and under a respirator for a day.  I'm still washing the walls in my bathroom where her cigarette smoke came through a lot and when you took a shower the steam in the bathroom would combine with the smoke from her apartment and stream down in a yellow stain on all of the walls.  What a way to live!

Now waiting for the senile, old bat, mean lady(?) whose bedroom adjoins mine and who snores so loud, to kick the bucket.  Since last October I've been sleeping either on my couch or my living room floor with the door closed to my bedroom so I don't hear her very loud snoring like a truck.  I still hear her when her loud snoring turns into a very loud snort that even wakes her up every fifteen seconds, but she keeps saying she doesn't snore.  I keep complaining to the management here, but she says they can't do anything about it.  She suggested I move my bed to the other side of the bedroom.  Why doesn't she tell the old, senile, bat to move her bed to the other side of her bedroom, although I know that wouldn't help with the loud volume of snoring, snorting and talking in her sleep she does.  I told management here that I'm going to have to start writing letters if nothing is done about this.  This old, senile, bat has something seriously wrong with her.  Either she is overmedicated, has sleep apnea or she has heart problems.  I'm hoping for the latter so she'd be out of here fast.  Usually annoying neighbors only last a couple of years, but if you're living close to them, it seems like 100 years.

I've been jumping through hoops for this mean, senile, old, bat and her schedules as to when I can sleep in my bed.  It's when she gets up in the morning around 7:00.  I run to my bed with my pillow from sleeping on the floor in my living room or sleeping on my couch and start my good, deep sleep at that time for about three to four hours.  My day doesn't start until 10:00.  What a way to live!

Since sleeping on the couch in my living room, which adjoins my nice neighbors on the other side of me, my living room adjoins the bedroom of the son, who is approximately in his 40's, who takes care of his mother.  She has had both her hips replaced (a typical occurance here).  This man hardly snores at all.  And when he does snore, it's a very light type of snoring.  And this is a man!  So you can see why the intensity of this senile,old, bat is extraordinarily annoying.  I know that when you get older your sleep habits change, but this old bat's sleep habits are to the point of being rude for her not even to lift a finger to alleviate the problem we have here.  She's just mean, rude and just doesn't give a dam about the welfare of her neighbors.  It took me and management about three months of her slamming her door to subside when she first moved in, but still once and a while she slams the door which scares me half to death because my whole apartment shakes. 

I had a couple of people over for the holidays and we were drinking wine and all of a sudden she slams her door and my whole apartment shook.  My company said, "What was that?" as our wine sloshed out of our wine glasses as we all jumped out of our socks.  Of course, this was very embarrassing for me. 

Oh yea, another thing about her is she has a very large roller cart that she cannot go in or out of her apartment without.  The cart has a very large black box attached to it at the bottem which folds down.  She only has a few bags when she uses it, which is every time she goes out.  Every time she goes out, she has to walk the cart out to her car, fold it up, open her car trunk, fold the cart down so it fits in her trunk and close the trunk door.  I would think making a second trip from her car to her apartment with just a few bags would be a lot less troublesome than having to deal with that noisy cart every time, which people have complained about.  It has plastic wheels on it and going over our bridge that goes out to our parking area makes a large rumbling noise.  The man that just died who lived under her complained and he got our whole bridge re-decked.  The annoyance of that cart going in and out is enough to rack your nerves.

In a way, I'm subconsciously hoping I get evicted.  Then I'd get the kick in my pants I need to get out of here, even though I'd be homeless.  I've thought of getting another motorhome and storing my apartment belongings with my other belongings in storage from my ranch.  The housing market is getting worse and worse day by day with less and less listings on the market, unless you want to rehab a house, which I don't want to do.

So this whole blog is about this horrible place I'm living in and this horrible person I've turned into while living here.  I've just about given up hope that I will live a wonderful life I've worked almost 40 years straight through for.  Is'nt retirement supposed to be a time in your life where you are happily settled?  Things just keep getting worse, always something very stressful to deal with.  I was happier when I was younger.  Isn't it supposed to be the other way around, not having to work, doing what you want to do, when you want to do it, why you want to do it and where you want to do it?  The housing market has a lot to do with it, I know, through no fault of my own, but this is ridiculous.

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