Sunday, February 16, 2014


Another really big reason I've been in this awful funk is because I'm still in this apartment watching the old man next door dying, shrinking like my cat did, dying of cancer.  I haven't seen or heard his terrible voice and accent.  I believe he's mostly in bed now.  He had delivered a few weeks ago a new bed from the hospital supply company.  His ex-wife keeps doing his wash.  Boy, he sure has a lot of wash for somebody just in a bed all day.

The real estate market has been getting worse, with no homes that are livable in my price range.  They all need so much work I don't want to have to deal with.  This includes hiring contractors.  No... been there, done that.  I don't mind having to paint or put in new rugs and maybe replace some things, but when it comes to putting in new kitchens, baths, roofs or particularly homes that don't have dishwashers and no way of putting them in, it's not for me.  I limit myself a lot for being so picky.  It goes the same for me in choosing a man.  Too picky... you don't want the hassle, people have told me.  Yes, that's right, I reply.

But I have to say I've gotten rid of two things out of three the past year that have been on my shoulders, the health and death of my cat and selling my home.  Two obstacles I don't have to deal with any more.  The only one left now is getting into a home and being able to live again with all of my things out of storage and out of this apartment.  I keep asking, when will this all end?

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