Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Since there has been a shift in using regular breadcrumbs to using Panko breadcrumbs, I thought I'd give it a try.  Wow, were they delicious and extra, extra crunchy.

I used the suggestion on the box of Panco I had purchased and was really, really impressed.  I used chicken breasts with skin and bones on them, and don't get nervous, like I did, when I say I deep fried them in vegetable oil in my great Presto deep fryer.  What does it is that the crunch was so big, it was like deep frying large pieces of bread.  Now who wouldn't like that?  Tasty and lots and lots of crunch on the outside.  The chicken breasts even looked like a magazine cover would look.  It made my mouth water just looking at them as I took them out of the fryer.

There was a recipe on the box using large, raw shrimp with the tails left on that I'm going to try next.  Yum, yum.

Oh yea, I also sliced russet potatoes in my food processor which slices just perfectly and fried them also. 

OK.  The healthy part of this meal were the sliced perfect squash.  There was a sale on them this week, so I got three different kinds, along with a carrot I already had left over from a roast I made which was also on sale a couple weeks ago. 

I can't wait for a large kitchen in my new home since there was a lot of coatings; flour, eggs, Panco breadcrumbs, slicing of the squash where my food processor had to have room for on the counter  and into the deep fryer, also needing space on the counter, and in went the chicken, one by one, so as not to crowd them in the fryer oil.

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