Wednesday, August 21, 2013


As I was surfing the aisles at Walmart yesterday, I was in the bird food section just browsing and I saw this cute, little hummingbird feeder.  Albeit, it was all plastic, including the part where you put the sugar water.  It was only $6.00, but it was really cute and had an ant guard on it and had a really large opening where you pour the sugar water into it so it was really easy to clean, so I got it.  I also figured that when the plastic part where you put the nectar in it cracks, and I'm sure it will, I can still use the ant guard on another one of my better glass feeders.

I'm running a fun experiment where my other two feeders have different nectars in them; one with my homemade sugar and water nectar vs. one with the red stuff you get and add water to it.  The red stuff is supposed to have extra vitamins in it so I tried it, and since my neighbor always has different colored nectars in his.  I've seen him put out dark blue, green and red so far.  I haven't seen the green and blue sold in regular stores, so I don't know exactly where he gets those colors from.

So this morning I saw a small hummingbird, a juvenile, try all three of my feeders.  It was funny the way he went from one to another, deciding which one he preferred. The red nectar smells like jello when you add it to boiling water.  Really, really sweet smelling, not like my sugar water which doesn't have any smell to it.  Well, this little fellow chose the one with the new feeder and the red nectar in it.  Experts say the hummingbirds don't choose by color, but by taste.  Maybe because it was the freshest one out there.  Well, you can't say I don't serve a variety at my patio juice bar.  Maybe he'll tell his friends to come and visit, or be very protective of his new find, like most hummingbirds are.

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