Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The growth under his left ear is still increasing in size.  It now is the size of almost a doorknob.  Luckily it still has hair on it so you can't see it that much.  He's acting normal, so he's OK. 

I've thought of having this growth removed, but most probably it will come back like the last one did, only that one had no hair on it and it looked weird.  I also don't want to put him under again with the anesthetics because I didn't like seeing him go through that again and having all those stitches.  Now the number of stitches would have to go half way around his head by the looks of how large this growth is. 

I don't know how this all will end up, but as long he's acting OK, I can just keep giving him a lot of attention and love.  I must admit I'm giving him more soft kitty food, which he really loves, but also I'm only giving him hard food for a day or two so his teeth gets cleaned and his breath stays fresh.

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