Wednesday, August 21, 2013


My ranch in Southern California has closed over a month ago and I am still searching for that almost perfect property here in Northern California. 

Yesterday, my realtor sent me two properties to look at that were OK; getting closer to my desires and price range, but still not that close to being closer to what I want.

I've even started looking outside of my area and into the eastern Sierra desert areas.  I found a great, big and beautiful 1,700+ sq. ft. home on five acres in my price range.  But would I be happy there?  There were no trees there.  It was in the high desert, but unlike my ranch in Southern California in the high desert with temperatures in the blazing 106-108 degrees in the summer months, this area only gets up to 90 degrees.  I would have to either plant trees, although nobody around there has trees, put more fencing up and who is to say how a garden would grow, even a raised bed.  Another thing is the shopping.  I would have to travel around 12 miles to get to it.  The big shopping would be in Reno, tens of miles away.  There isn't much doing there either, from what I could find out. 

And then yesterday, my realtor sent me the two houses that came close to my wants and needs.  The acreages were great; one with 10 acres, beautiful foliage, and not just pine trees.  The house's kitchen was small and not great and also one of the bathrooms would have to be updated.  It had a bathtub with feet on it.  Although the rest of the house was nice.

The other home she sent me to look at was one on only a little over 1/3 acre with more of a woodsy look to it.  Again, the kitchen and some other things wrong; like water stains under some of the windows and some what looked like mold under several of the bathroom wall tiles.  Home may have some mold issues, but the kitchen was great.  This home was only a little under 1,300 sq. ft.

But maybe now more homes are coming on the market which means maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to find something.  I just hate staying in this apartment every day, knowing I could be looking forward to moving into a home and getting that excited feeling.

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