Friday, July 19, 2013


After trying for about a week to try and link up my smart phone with my home Wi-Fi and getting my e-mail to work on my phone, I finally did it.  However, there was a secret code, a password and a number of words and numbers that had to be created.  The screen on my smart phone has to be made larger so my finger that I tap with would cover enough screen area in order for the screen to react.  Who knew?  The manual sent to me in the packaging and all over the net made no mention of you had to do this as well as how to do e-mailing.  The Tech Support, which I finally found the number for, helped me do all of this and what was meant by all of the boxes and information they wanted.

In being able to link up everything, I made three calls to three different companies.  The person at customer service of the phone I purchased didn't know how to do it.  Do you believe that?  I asked for her supervisor and maybe she knew how to do it, but the girl told me she would give me the same information; "I don't know how to do that."  She even told me that maybe my e-mail account was hacked.  I told her that my e-mail account works fine on my computer.  She didn't even bother to give me a different phone number for Technical Support.  She was Customer Service and had only limited information on easy things on the phone you could find out yourself.  Big help she was. 

All of these electronic devices have worn me down the past week.  When will all of these devices work as soon as you take them out of the box?  No more setting up numerous things in them before they work and learning a new phone isn't that simple either. There are so many menus lurking under icons on so many pages, that remembering where they are is a feat in itself.

But I did accomplish transferring my music from my computer to the MP3 player in the phone.  It was really easy.  I even went on-line, found some more of Justin Bieber music and added them on to the only two of his songs I had on my play list before.  So now, I believe I have all of the features set up in my phone I've wanted.  EVERYTHING IS IN ONE PLACE!  HORRAY! 

The phone is not voice to text, but you can send a video e-mail, and I believe, even a text video.  Not sure about text.  I'll see.  At least now I have the correct phone number for Tech Support for the phone features in case I can't figure how to do them.  I've already sent texts and an e-mail with the keyboard and they did go, so sending a video e-mail and maybe a video text seems simple enough with some other menu I saw which looks like it would work to send videos along with e-mails and text.  These videos are videos of your face recording along with your voice.  Easier than typing out everything.  Although I don't know if I want to send my photo at times when I look my worst.  But I believe you can just send your voice only.  Again...I'll see.

The GPS on the phone is something I'll investigate later on because I like my Garman GPS and don't think I'll use the one on the phone, except for emergencies, when I don't have my Garman with me.  Sending a photo or video e-mail seems self-explanatory.  I'll see.  If I can't figure them out, I have the correct number for Tech Support.

I took a photo the other day with the 2MB camera in the phone.  Not so great of a flower photo, but the screen on the phone is large, so that may have distorted and blurred the photo a bit.  But I'm happy with the phone so far, except for the setting up of it all.

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