Sunday, July 21, 2013


It's been quite hot this summer, even here in the foothills of the Sierras, that I finally had the motivation to see if I can make frozen yogurt fruit pops successfully.

So I got out my Greek yogurt, Agave sweetener, strawberries and a banana that was getting a bit too brown.  I used small plastic cups as containers and wooden ice cream handles I've saved from ice cream, washed, of course, and we'll see how they come out and if I like eating my yogurt and fruit this way.

I really got tired of chocolate ice cream in their different forms.  Never thought I'd say that.  From fudgicals, Klondike bars, all chocolate, inside and out and ice cream sandwiches, also, chocolate inside and out.  Besides, even though they say only 100 calories, you really don't need artificial sweeteners and other fillers which, I'm sure, are in them.

I'm waiting for them to freeze now and just inserted a few of the wooden handles in them to see if after about 35 minutes in the freezer they would be secure enough to hold the handles.  Well, just enough firmness, but a bit more would be a bit better.  They say after 45 minutes is a good time.  But I figured that depended a lot on what kind of containers you use.

I searched sites on-line for recipes.  Some had bottled grape juice to be added, but I didn't want anything that was bottled, boxed or cooked.  Everything had to be fresh. 

Some recipes had granulated sugar in them; a lot of granulated sugar.  No.  This had to be all natural.  So I got some good ideas in what to add (all natural fruits) how to prepare the fruits (blend them up a bit to chunky consistency so you don't get brain freeze from the whole frozen fruits in the pops) and how long to wait until you put the handles in the semi-frozen cups so they would stand up straight and fully supported by the pop mix.  It was fun. 

I tasted the concoction I made up before pouring it into the cups and placing them into the freezer to make sure it was sweet enough.

I also placed all of the small cups in a plastic container so they wouldn't tip over on the way to the freezer.  Also a good idea I learned from the reviewers of the expensive molds sold on TV.  Those forms had a tray underneath them and the reviewers said that helped a lot on placing them into the freezer all at once and any spills while filling the molds.  I also used a canning jar funnel when I poured the mixture into the cups.  That was a really great idea on my part, I thought.

I looked on line before I devised my own way to do this for the popsicle molds you can purchase.  The ones that were given high reviews were only about $12.00, plus $6.00 shipping.  That didn't make sense to me and besides, how do I know I want to eat my yogurt and fruit like a popsicle?

Now it's waiting a few hours for them to set up in the freezer.

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