Thursday, May 16, 2013


Yesterday, while trying to get music on line, I ran into, somehow, updates of apps I have on Windows 8, so I updated them.  Somehow along the way, I ran into apps that do different art effects to photos, drawings and other artistic things you might want to throw at these programs.  What a blast, and I came away with about a half dozen of these program apps and thought that they would be a lot of fun.

The photo below is a stock photo they provide you with in a program called Goo.  You get to manipulate yours or their photo, so I chose theirs, since it was right there.  This program is very easy to use, but only has one function, as do the other art manipulation program apps I found.

This program does do a bit more than one function, all functions pretty similar, but yet, a lot of fun.  Maybe as I look into these great little programs a bit more, I'll find out they do much more than I thought.

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