Friday, May 17, 2013


This morning, I brought my CD that I had recorded Celine Deon on last night to my car and it worked in my CD player.  Hooray!  I still have to find out if Justin Bieber's songs went on it though.

Slowly, but surely, I'm learning the ins and outs of all of this music recording.  I have learned, however, that sometimes the names of the artist or songs aren't shown on the screen of my MP3 player or on the CD when played in my van.  Oh well.  Another thing I believe I can't do is erase songs on either my MP3 player or the CD-R CDs.  Also, there is no way to type in the name of the song or artist on the tracks that have no information but anonymous artist or just a number of a track.  Oh well again.  But still, OK.  I can live with these little shortcomings.

I also am learning that some song names that I'm not familiar with which were downloaded could be a little surprising.  Like on Celine Deon's songs, some are only instrumental and arranged in a different way than the original song.  I believe I downloaded more than one of her popular songs knowing this and without playing the songs first, which I didn't do because I wanted to be surprised, so that was OK.  In fact, I'm listening to music now that is a bit out of my normal genres, but I'm pleased that I do.  It broadens my field, outside of the box, is what you might call it. 

Like Justin Bieber.  Who would ever think I'd like his music?  "Baby, Baby" is one song, and one I couldn't get out of my head is "If You Were My Girlfriend."  The lyrics on that one are so cute, you have to listen to it. 

This kid is very talented and he knows it.  I'd be surprised if he makes it until he's 25.  He's 19 right now and the kind of publicity he's getting doesn't fair well for him.  He's young and just a skinny little kid with all of these girls, and his on again, off again girlfriend, Selena, is one of the most girls I've ever seen.

In the meantime, I guess I'll go on a walk now and continue listening to the songs on my MP3.

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