Sunday, February 24, 2013


Yesterday, I purchased an eco-friendly bird feeder.  This meant the bird feeder was made out of recyclables.  There was a tag on it for $2.00 off if you sent the original sales receipt and a form to be filled out.

After I got home and filled out the form. addressed the envelope and put the stamp on the envelope, I realized that this turned out not to be so eco-friendly becomes first of all, they had to advertise this rebate on card stock which was a separate tag from the large card stock which went around the whole bird feeder.  Next was the envelope I had to supply along with a 50¢ stamp in order to mail this rebate card and my receipt.  Then there was the gas which the mail truck had to expend, the post office's time and energy and the post office's truck gas to get it to the address in Texas.  Then they have to use resources to read my submissions, write me a check on paper and return it in an envelope with postage.  Then again, the postal trucks gas again had to be used and the post office's time and energy at the post office  also so my rebate could be returned to me.

So did recycling make a difference here?  I doubt it.  The money saved in recycling this product was used up by the rebate.  Go figure.  I am enjoying my new bird feeder.  It's red and will hold up to six pounds of seed.  I also bought some dried mealy worms, but I haven't put them in with the seeds.  First I have to get the birds around here to know there are seeds in this feeder.  Somehow for two days now, they don't or haven't found the seeds although there is a clear plastic surrounding the seeds and some seeds are coming out showing the seeds right in front of where the birds could stand on the feeder.  So today I placed the feeder on the patio floor so maybe the birds would get the hint because after all, they were used to eating seed and other food (bread heels) on the ground.  However, the Niger seed feeder is hung and they caught on to that easy enough, as well as seeds put into a square feeder I put sunflower chips in and placed on a wrought iron table.  I hope in tomorrow's morning feeding they will catch on.

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