Thursday, February 21, 2013


As I slowly get to know Windows 8, which, by the way, I had to add "Windows 8" into my voice recognition program dictionary because it would always want to type it "windows  eight", which, for some reason, bothered me.

Another thing this computer just started doing, which I really like, is it notifies me of an incoming e-mail with a soft sound and a blue box which appears with a small blurp of who and what the e-mail is about.  This happens anywhere I am on the computer.  I wonder why this just started.  It only used to update on the Start screen, now it follows me everywhere.  Really nice. 

The reason why this all started happening, I believe, because there have been sooooo many updates.  One time, when I first started working on this computer, it had 60 updates.  Since then, there were maybe ten at a time and now it's trickled down to only about three to seven at a time.  I always wonder now, what surprises I'll be given when I open this computer.  So far, only nice ones and I say, keep 'em comin'.

I've been trying to get into a working/playing momentum.  You know, what the first thing you do when you fire up your computer in the morning.  E-mails, blogs, weather, news, you know, that progression.  Since Pogo still wants me to load the new Java and I've tried numerous times and it still doesn't work, Scrabble, which I played quite frequently, is not going to happen until I reach a tech.  I don't want to do that yet because I don't want the tech to think I hadn't done any homework since I got my computer and ran to him for him to actually teach me how to work this thing.  In the meantime, this computer keeps changing the way it wants to operate, so I'll let it do its thing a little while longer.

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