Thursday, August 23, 2012


Yesterday, on the bike path, I noticed a particularly large amount of people walking their dogs.  But what I really noticed is how many people don't know how to properly walk their untrained dog or as I like to say it "heel."

One lady literally picked up her medium sized cute terrier by the leash on the collar until the poor dog was choking.  The dog was walking all around her and into the other lane of the bike path.

Most of these people had no clue as to how to keep your dog on a leash and properly heel the dog at all times.  These dogs could have gone into the other lane while a bike was coming behind them and the bicyclist could have driven right through the leash between the dog and his owner, injuring everyone involved.

After about seeing three people really having no control of their dog and especially seeing that poor terrier dog on the way back still being tugged, yanked  and hung by the owner, I was ready to start giving lessons on the bike path as how to manage your dog while walking.

First, you always have your dog on your right side with a short leash being held with your left hand and going into your right hand.  The dog first should know "sit."  You should start your walk with your dog in a sit position and on your right side.  When you say the word "heel" that's when you walk forward.  Do not give any reign to him of the short leash.  The dog should be right by your right side.  If he does this correctly, and I'm not saying on the first or second try, give him a little treat.  This should be taught at home in the backyard or even in the home itself.  It doesn't take long at all and you'll have a trained, courteous dog on the bike path.

The collar also is important.  Years ago, they used to train with the chain, choke collar, as they would call them, but today, there is another face and harness collar which they say is much easier to teach with and more pet friendly and does not hurt the dog in any way.  After training with this new type of collar/harness, you can then get that pretty great collar of your choosing.

I'm still thinking of that poor dog getting tugged and hung by that lady.

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