Saturday, August 25, 2012


Since one of my biking groups are going to Lake Tahoe to bike from Tahoe City to Squaw Valley, I thought I'd try the Walmart bike path since I thought it was a bit more level than the one around my house.  I knew it was 2 1/2 miles one way, so if I did it four times, that would be ten miles.  The mileage on the Tahoe trip is estimated to be 15 miles.

I ended up just doing it once back and forth.  There is a portion where I didn't think it had such a steep hill, but it did, and I had to stop and walk up the hill, maybe a hundred feet.  I thought that this was a good experience and will be coming back and doing this ride without stopping and conquer that hill.

The problem with riding bike trails is that there are walkers/joggers and every time you get in back of them and want to pass them, you have to holler out, "On your left!"  And when they do politely move over, then I shout out, "Thank you!"  Bikers usually don't say thank you, but I feel so good while biking I guess I get extra nice.  I know how it is walking/jogging and a biker comes behind me while I'm walking/jogging.  I yell out trying not to scare people and in a polite tone of voice.  There was one guy one time that kept screaming really at the top of his voice that just startled me.  Sometimes just all of a sudden knowing someone is actually behind you startles me.

Surprisingly, the proper way to walk, jog and hike is that bikers stay on the right on the bike path, all walkers/joggers are supposed to stay on the left of the bike path.  But, everybody follows the rules of the road; staying to the right at all times.  The way I found out the proper way to walk or ride on the bike path is reading bike maps and actually walking on a path that had the directions painted on the paths.  When walking/jogging on a street, you always face traffic, but when riding on a street, you follow the rules of the road and stay going with the traffic.

I'm looking forward to the Tahoe trip and it seems most of it is on a path, but there will be some regular streets we'll be on.  The temperature in Tahoe that day is predicted to be sunny, but only a high of 70 degrees.  We might take a tram in Squaw Valley and buy lunch up there or we can bring our own. 

I'm looking forward to seeing and going someplace different which I've never been before.

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