Saturday, August 25, 2012


Paddling; could this be my next venture?

As I was in the sports department of Walmart yesterday, I looked up and saw the cutest red paddle boat.  This sport is very big up here and getting bigger; maybe that's why, for the first time, I've seen paddle boats displayed at Walmart.

There were two displayed.  One was an eight footer and one was a ten footer which included the paddle, storage space, and a few other extras.  The small eight footer was $200 and the ten footer was $250.  They were soooo cute, I wanted to get one on the spot.  But I thought how would I transport it?  I could put it in the back of my van, keep the hatch open and put a red piece of rag at the end so people riding behind me would see the red rag and have plenty of time to stop, seeing the boat sticking out.  But then where would I store it? I used to have a rack on top of my previous van I owned and never, ever used it.  And now I don't have one.  I started looking at life vests, another $35, although I found them on line a bit cheaper.   Maybe I could find a place in my storage unit if I moved things around in there where I could store it.  Maybe I could find a place in my apartment.  What a hassle all of this would present, so all of these thoughts came to a screeching halt.  If my ranch down south would sell and I could get a house up here, I'd be able to do it without hesitation.

But when I got home, the excitement was still with me, so I got on line and shopped around.  I got to the REI site and on their site they had a lot of good information on how to purchase a boat, bicycle and other forms of recreational equipment.  I learned a lot and will put this information into my memory bank.  I did find some other sites on line selling the small eight footer boat for $165.  Imagine having them deliver that to my apartment, I thought LOL.

While on the REI site, I found they are having a Labor Day sale and I did need a new pair of gel bike riding gloves, since my old one's gel, at least I think it's gel is starting to seep out of the palm part of the glove where the gel is located.  I plan on going there tomorrow after playing tenns and check out everything.  Although I plan on wearing a new bike top and my new gel bike shorts, it can't hurt to see what else they have on sale. 

Hey, just looking out on my patio I thought I could store the boat out there, but management, I'm sure, would be against that.

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