Thursday, April 12, 2012


A few days ago, when I learned we were going to have about five days of almost steady rain, I decided to make my beef barley soup.  But I decided to look on line for maybe a little different recipe. 

I came across a vegetable barley soup recipe which, when I looked at all of the ingredients, I needed only the two quarts of vegetable stock, zuccini, celery and carrots.  The stock was very expensive to purchase, but I thought, what the heck, I really want to try this soup.

This new recipe called for curry powder, paparika, garlic powder, black pepper and onions.  As you can see, these are ingredients are a bit hot and I don't usually put in my beef barley soup, except maybe the onions and black pepper, and that is what made this recipe a more complex and hotter tasting soup.

As I had the first few spoonfuls, I thought this was really a great recipe, as the other people who reviewed this soup and made it themselves.  But later on that eveneing, my stomach started burning a little and continued on for the next couple of days.  I figured I could water it down or add some boulion cubes and water and it would be a little more friendlier to my stomach.  I have not tried this yet.  I'm watiting a few days to continue on eating this soup.  Letting my stomach get back to normal.  Since the rain is still with us, I'll continue on today with the soup.

I should have made my beef barley recipe, not to say I'm so sorry I made the vegetable barley recipe.  Today, recipes call for sooooo many ingredients in them, you don't know what the heck you're eating.  All of the cooking shows on TV just try to put in all different ingredients and present them in such sometimes rediculous ways, you just have to turn the channel.  Rachael Ray, being the first in line as far as the numerous ingredients, saying it's soooo good, but no, Rachael, it doesn't even sound good, let alone purchasing the ingredients, some which are very expensive, and if you don't like the recipe, you're stuck with a $5.00 ingredient in your cupboard which you'll never use again.

I don't mind a few more ingredients to change the recipe up once and a while, but I'll stick to my recipes with less ingredients, so my stomach doesn't say, "Hey, lady, what are you doing to me, giving me all those different ingredients altogether?"

My savory tasting beef barley recipe has always gone through the test of excellent tasting and my stomach loving every bit of it.

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