Sunday, April 15, 2012


My new bathroom scale arrived yesterday, two days in advance of when they originally said it would arrive.  I was really happy.

The first thing I saw when I took it out of the box was how beautiful it was.  It hardly looked the same as the one on the web.  The top of it was glass.  Really shiney and elegant looking.  I then read the instruction booklet which said to calibrate the scale.  Every time you have to move it, you have to calibrate it, but it is a simple process by just stepping on it once and then stepping on it again.

They said that once you place the batteries in the back of it, you should see all zeroes on the front.  Of course, it didn't show that; my luck.  It showed figures like a date should be set.  But no, there wasn't any kind of date that is in this scale, only calibrations.

As I kept working on this initial problem, it just started working.  I think though I may have set it for user No. 2.  Nine people can track themselves on this scale.  Anyways, I inserted my age and height as it went through the initial set up and I took my weight, since it says to take your weight in the morning and the other measurements, which I'll do before I eat dinner.  It also said to drink a glass of water one hour before you take your other body measurements before dinner. 

A few of the problems that reviewers and users of this scale had were things that are right in the instruction manual, which are no big problems, but by not reading the manual, like getting false readings.

The large numbers are really great and easy to read was another plus.  The display is a pretty blue with white digital numbers.  It turns completely black when it shuts off, the same as the scale color itself, and the whole thing is really beautiful on or off.  The platform of this scale is larger also, which makes standing on this scale easier than my old one which I had to be a little more careful of where I had to place my feet to get a correct reading.

My weight seems to be right on as my old scale, so I'm confident I didn't get a dud.

Tonight, before I eat, I will drink a glass of water an hour before, like the instructions said to do, and get my other readings such as body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone mass (not to be confused with bone density) which doctors give.

Readings can fluctuate because you took a shower before testing, the temperature of the room varies, and don't test after exercising.

All of this is very new to me, but seems well worth knowing, at least within a percentage of where I stand, and hopefully, will improve by tracking these figures.

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