Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My bathroom scale has hit the dust...literally.  It has been on my bathroom floor for not too many years.  It had been collecting dust since my daily exercising has also gone down and collected dust on it also. 

So it was time to up my exercise regimen again.  I love to change it up from time to time and this time it is back to running.  I'm trying a couch to 5K plan.  I've decided to track my time, as the plan suggested along with other exercises and really cutting out a lot of the bad stuff in my diet.

I thought I'd better keep track of my weight too, since this is one of  the reasons for my motivation.  There is going to be a run at my local walking trail next month, so if only I can do it; running for a bit more than three miles.  The workout schedule makes me feel doubtful, according to their time lines, but even if I have to walk a bit during the 5K, that's OK.

My scale had been working perfectly as far as displaying my weight, but the date that you have to input was wrong and so I thought I'd start off with a clean slate. 

This scale has a lot of fun settings.  The one I loved was that the scale told you how much more weight you had to loose to reach your goal.  You also had to input your age, present weight and a few other settings.  You could program it for up to four people to track their own progress.  It was fun while it lasted.  So on to the net to search for the latest and best scales available and checking out thoroughly the reviewers/users and what they had to say.

I don't think I had my present scale for maybe ten years, and at that time, digital scales were just being introduced to the market.  Now, not only are the digital scales more accurate, although the analogue scales are still out there, but they have a lot more bells and whistles such as fat, water weight, bone density and some other body measurements by you just stepping on to it.  Yes, I got all the bells and whistles.  To me, even if the measurements aren't that accurate in those measurements, and the price is almost twice as much, I'd still give it a 10% error leniency and they do motivate me to more workouts and for longer periods of time.  Yes, I am a gadget freak. 

So now I weight (pardon the pun) for my scale to arrive to get my weight again so I can track it.  Luckily, I was able to get my weight from my scale a couple of days before I started fooling around with it to reset the date and the other settings.  I wonder if even those weight measurements were accurate?

Did you know that now you can get a bathroom scale for people who weigh up to 400 lbs.?  It also has an extra large platform for extra large people.  The digital displays have also grown.  From my 1 1/2" digital display to 3 1/2".  That feature will be so nice.

The reviewers gave this make and model a 4 3/4 stars out of five for accuracy and if they would recommend buying it.  The reviewers also stated that after they got the scale and it did not work correctly (very few) and they rated it on line as bad, the company e-mailed them back within a half hour to a few days and sent them a new one saying that sometimes there are lemons out there and they want to send them a new one and make them happy.  In this day and age, who does that?  So, I'm hoping all of these consumer reviews and companies who review products are all true and I have a great experience and a lot of fun with my new scale.

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