Monday, April 2, 2012


Since nobody won the gigantic Lotto prize money around where I live, I don't feel so bad about not buying a ticket, since I figured one of those tickets would have been mine.  Yes, I did not buy a ticket, so I hope my readers don't come a knockin' or writing me for some loot.  LOL.

I knew I'd have to share it with somebody, since there were sooo many people who did buy the tickets.  It doesn't take much for me to feel better about losing.  Losing what?  Nothing.

It would have been nice to just win a few bucks, but in the past, I've had no luck with purchasing tickets, but actually from a car dealership who was sending invitations to their new auto center down in Palm Desert, CA.  I went there to see this new auto mall and low and behold they, about four auto dealers in a row, were giving one or two tickets out and yes, I won $50.  I didn't even know how to play the Scratchers they were giving out and had to ask the salesman if I won.  In a way, I thought he looked at me and thought he would take the ticket from me and say I didn't win, I would walk away, and he would cash the ticket in.  Did I mention I have a problem with trust?

Let's see what I would do with even just a bit of money.  For sure buy a house.  Hmm, other than that, nothing.  Oh, wait.  Take a world-wide trip, but a little bit at a time.  I don't like traveling more than three weeks to a month at a time. 

In my home I'd have a full sized gym with a trainer and a swimming pool, lovely garden (both flower and vegetable) and a man to do the heavy work.  The house would be planned for my guests to stay on one side of the house, while I would be on the other side.  Better yet, a guest house, of course, with a full kitchen and bathrooms for each bedroom.  I would have to start thinking on larger scales.  22K gold/platinum instead of 14K gold.  Rolex gold watches instead of Timex with rubber wrist band.  I love my rubber watch, by the way.  I'd probably wear it instead of a Rolex anyways.

My clothes would be tailored to me and my new figure I'd have having a complete gym in my new home and trainer.

My home would not be a mansion.  Maybe just six master bedrooms and baths. It's always nice to have a lot of bedrooms for investment purposes.

A maid, of course.  But someone who would only come a couple times a week for a few hours.  No live ins.  Just someone to do all of the grunt work.  Dishes in and out of the dishwasher, dusting, vacuuming, laundry, shopping for food; or what the heck, food delivery, not take out, but from the supermarket and only from Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

Speaking of Whole Foods.  I went to the new one that just opened up in Folsom.  Whoa, was I in the wrong store.  Not only was I uncomfortable with being in such a cathedral-like setting, I was very uncomfortable with their prices.  Personally, their products look just the same as Save Mart and Safeway.  OK, theirs did look a bit better, but not for the prices they were asking.  It's the principal of the thing.

I would, of course, buy a home in this area.  I believe I've found the area I'd always want to come home to.

My Will would not include any relatives, but charities for animals, SPCA, PBS, the Sierra and Audubon Clubs.  These organizations, for the most part, have given me many memorable experiences that I'm most thankful for.

I might buy a motor home for the option of just getting up and going anywhere and staying anytime I pleased.  Staying in the wilderness, along with other people, of course, has always been a lot of fun.  As far as the price of gas, I'd have no worries in the world whether I could afford it any more.  For that matter, I'd have no worries.  But wait, what kind of life would that be?  Could I even imagine such a state of mind?  I don't have many or even any worries that tug at me day and night now, so I guess I'm better off than most people, even now without the Lottery.

It would be a different way of living.  Some past winners have said they wished they'd never won the Lottery because it has separated them from family, friends, gotten divorced and horror stories that are hard to believe.  I would not tell anybody I won the Lottery.  I'd live under the radar.  Of course, I'd pay the taxes on all that money.  By the way, the net proceeds on your winnings is between a third and a half of the winnings, so take that into account.

I'd take all of the money all at once.  It would be a reduced amount, but considering my age and what the government is going through, they may say to me in the next five to ten years, "Sorry, but the state has no more money for Lottery winners.  We cannot pay you any more."  I wouldn't doubt that that is what will happen in the future.  Did I tell you I have a problem with trust?  Again...yes.

I'm thinking of those people standing in lines for hours to purchase tickets, a lot of tickets.  A lady standing in line was going to buy $121 worth of tickets.  She looked like she was going for broke and that's exactly what she said she was going for...broke...literally.

Already there are people who won at a McDonald's restaurant are suing the lady who bought all of the tickets and now the lady who bought the tickets is saying that one of the tickets she bought was for herself  and was the winning ticket.  Good luck with that, lady.

So, all and all, hmmmmmmmm.

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