Saturday, March 24, 2012


After fishing toast out of my toaster with a butter knife and checking out all of the great features the new toasters have, I decided to upgrade my toaster of over 40 years, which like my iron of over 40 years, looked like new, but lacked the many great features of the new toasters.

This purchase was encouraged by me just going down an aise of a big box store and the line of toasters happened to catch my eye. 

They had large openings; 1 inch at least.  There were settings for bagels and other frozen foods you could insert and be done in seconds.

I decided on the cheapest large opening toaster.  I didn't need all of the fancy settings, I thought.

I got it home and set it up under my kitchen cabinet near an outlet.  Low and behold, the cord was coming out of the front of the toaster!  I couldn't believe anyone, besides a man, would design such a place for a cord to come out of an appliance.  I did use it and it worked fine.  I couldn't believe I missed that flaw upon my inspection of the display model.

I then checked out all of the cheaper models and they were all designed that way.  That's why they were cheap.  So I looked for the next higher priced one, which was on sale.

This one did have a cord going out the back of the toaster and even had larger slots (1 1/2 inches).  It has buttons for bagels, frozen toaster foods, cancel button, darkness regulator.  The other cheaper one had that too and I'm sure you could have done the same things with the cheaper one. 

I've been very happy with this toaster and hope it will give me many years of service.

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Marlene said...

Good luck with the many years of service idea! It seems many things have a planned obsolescence.