Saturday, March 24, 2012


The name Rowenta is intriguing.  It's the name of an iron which I ordered on-line.  It's 1500 watts with a reel cord, hundreds of small steam holes on the sole plate, self cleaning, light in weight, a pointed tip to get into tight spots on clothing, burst of steam for upright ironing of curtains and clothing so you don't need an ironing board, water spray for hard to press areas.  These are just some of the features this iron has my old iron of over 40 years old does not have.  Well, most of them anyways.

Since I've decided to upgrade this appliance also to add to my home appliance arsenal, this was the one.  I've seen it advertised before on TV, but at a much higher price; almost twice, but it was the value of the day and luckily I ordered it the day before it was sold out completely.

It arrived much earlier than expected, although it was coming from North Carolina by snail mail.  I opened the box immediately and upon opening the box the iron was actually in, I noticed the cardboard that was securing the iron was damaged.  Mind you, this was inside two boxes.  The outer box was in perfect condition.  I made nothing of it because the top of the iron which I was viewing didn't look like it was affected. 

I read the instruction booklet to be sure I would set all of the settings correctly.  I filled it with tap water; that was another great thing about this iron; you only can use tap water and has an anti calc feature which will not clog up, like my old iron.  I pulled out the auto roll cord, which gave me a little bit of trouble, but I made nothing of it.  I did my ironing with a really lightweight iron, not like my old, metal iron.  It was a breeze and loved the whole experience.  However, when I unplugged the iron and was ready to use the button to reel in the cord, it did not work.  I tried shoving the cord into the real, but still did not work.  I looked closely and the reel section was separating slightly from the base of the iron and the handle.  I tried to force the pieces back into their correct positions, but unfortunately, it did not work.  So, back it goes and it is now on it's way back to North Carolina.  Luckily the mailman was outside as I finished packing up the iron or I would have to go to the post office to mail it back or wait for the mailman to come back the next day, and that was if I was lucky enough to catch him while he was here.

When I called their customer service to make sure I was returning the iron properly I learned the iron was back ordered, so who knows when I'd get another iron; so I'm waiting until they are advertised again.

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