Saturday, November 12, 2011


A few days ago, my friend from Southern California sent me an e-mail that her horse, Smokey, died.  He was 30 years old and she made sure she gave him the last part of his life a good one.

This was the horse that I blogged that I am in the process of an oil painting on Ampersand board and just had a few more revisions and finishing touches before completion.  I was planning on sending her the completed painting for the holidays.  I asked her if it would be too sad for her, that I wouldn’t.  She said no, that I should send it to her.

This lady’s home looks like an art gallery.  She even has a little corner devoted to all of my art gifts I made throughout the years and displays them with pride.  I must say, they do look really cute; from photos of her and her show dog Buddy, the clay turtle I made in sculpture class and a couple other things.

So I have to get back on that project so it will be dry enough to send through the mails by Christmas.

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