Monday, November 14, 2011


Last time I went down below to do some serious shopping, I stopped at Michael’s to see what products they carried to do polymer clay projects.  Surprisingly, they had quite a few, so I walked out with not only clay, but the tools to sculpture it and tools and a piece of wood for carving, also another project I want to test the waters with.  I had done a lot of research on both crafts through books at the library, enough so, to pursue with what I could do.

In one book, there was a painting/sculpture.  It was clay on canvas which was hung to look like a three dimensional picture.  It was painted with acrylics.  It gained much interest with me.  That was something very different, looked great, and I could see something I could make and hang in my home which would draw interest from anybody viewing it.  However, no instructions on how the artist went about securing the clay to the canvas in order for it to adhere to the canvas as it was hung.  I did read though there are special glues to glue clay sculptures together which maybe is what she used.  First, though, I have to get a photo which I believe would suit that form of craft.

Since the semi-cold weather has set in, I’m thinking of the crafts I can do.  Going through my photos I took the previous seasons and making them into a more than a one dimensional craft, photography, into a more than one dimensional craft, sculpture, sewing, painting with some textures, i.e., acrylics with thickening medium or oils, thickly applied.  Although some of the photos I’ve taken do look at least two dimensional, if you look at the photo long enough, because of the way I took it and edited it.

So what I’m saying is, in the Spring,Summer, Fall I shoot; in the Winter, I paint, sculpt, sew or anything else which inspires me through my photos and what I think would make that particular photo even more spectacular than it is.

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