Saturday, November 12, 2011


For the past several months, our Wal-Mart has been going through a remodeling process, but every time I go into the store, it just seemed that all of the counters and departments were moved around and everybody was really frustrated with trying to find what they wanted.  The people who worked their tried to be as helpful as they could be, but they themselves didn’t know half the time where things were put.

I really didn’t seen any changes being made to the paint, flooring or brightness of the lighting.  I tried not to venture into the store because I knew frustration would set in and when I did find the department I wanted, the stock was very, very limited.

Yesterday I went there, really just to walk around and I walked into a newly arranged,  department oriented store.  There were some huge changes.  The most visible one was that they installed at the width of the store, food coolers.  These were lined almost three-quarters of the store.  I’m sure they had to cut down on other departments or get rid of them altogether to do this.

As I strolled through the aisles of coolers looking to see if there were any good deals, I did get 18 large eggs for $1.78.  Also, they are now making their own soy milk for a reasonable price, so I got one of those.  A lot of the cooler space is filled with boxed or frozen things, so since I’m not a big fan of those products, I just passed them by.

I looked in the kitchen section was still, I think, disorganized, with some things here and the rest separated from the main department. 

I then went over to the crafts department.  It is still limited, like before, but my eye caught a Golden Taklon 2” Big Brush.  I’m sure Dick Blick’s and Michael’s price would be much more for such a large, any medium brush.  It has a great edge on it.  I’ve used this kind of brush before on a smaller size and I really like them.

All of the stock in each department is still very limited, but I think they’re finally getting it together and have started ordering more as the holidays approach.

I have mixed feelings that our Wal-Mart is going into the food industry.  I guess they’re targeting at the most needed necessity at this time – food.

Next time I shop there, I’ll see if anything else has been updated and take a closer look at each department.

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