Friday, November 11, 2011


In the beginning of the Spring I had high hopes of selling my ranch, moving to a home here, and spending much time fixing up the home.  That was the plan.  However, since none of that happened, I had experienced many great trips.  As I look back at these events, I play in my mind the most memorable ones.

Besides going through the final months of the one downstairs dying, that was the only bad thing which happened.

Of course, the trip to Humboldt State Park in Northwest California drew most memories because it was the longest.  With the Elk surrounding our rented homes, the great company of people who attended, the great scenery of fog topped Redwood trees, ocean views, lagoons, the food and the great progressive dinner on our last night there.  And not to forget the two whales in the Klamath River.  The taking of photos in each of the great spots we stopped at. 

I can't forget the way we wanted to take a photo of all who attended the trip.  One of the people had a remote, timed camera.  That's all he had to do is to point a remote at the camera while he was standing with the group, and it would take our photo.  But first, another person wanted to point a very large reflector at our faces so that the lighting would show our faces.  So a couple walking their dog was chosen to hold the reflector so the reflector would face just the right position to shine the light on all our 30 faces.  We laughed so much trying to make this photo, it was unbelievable.

The Presideo and Crissy Field were also memorable.  From seeing Walt Disney's Emmys in person, and a blimp over Alcatraz, that trip was special in its own way.

The trip to Tomales Point, seeing the Elk and Bird Rock, which looked like an iceberg; another trip with its own merits.  Having a wood baked pizza for dinner was another new experience for me.

So now that a new season has arrived, what will be planned for the next phase of my life.  Only time will tell.

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