Saturday, November 26, 2011


While I was in the shopping mood for myself, I also checked out HSN's Singer Futura Quartet sewing machine, which, of course, was sold out. It's an all in one machine that sews, serges, and the feature which I was in awe about...embroidering by computer. It's a computerized machine and you can get thousands of embroidery patterns on line as well as with what comes with the machine. I've even gone on line to see how hard it was to operate. I found some videos and it was a little difficult for me to understand, but thought once I had it at home, the instructions would come together easier. There is also a number to call if you had any questions on operating it. I love those 800 numbers for help.

I checked around if anybody else had this particular machine for sale and compared prices, but HSN was the best price...still. I did call a sewing machine supplier who, evidently was the only ones who had this machine, but they wanted $200 more for it, a Black Friday special, with a box full of threads and a variety of backing papers, but they wouldn't price match with HSN's price of $1,000. Oh well, it was a good try, and so I pulled my Singer, non computerized, but a really great machine, in new condition out of its box in my closet. 

Since my painting of Smokey is finally completed, I rearanged the corner of my living room now into instead of an art studio, a sewing den. It took me a while to see again the inventory of stash (materials) sort them up according to colors and designs, and all of my accessories. It was a lot of fun doing that, but it did take a couple of hours for the transformation.

There is a new quilting shop that just opened up near my house that I can actually walk to, however, I couldn't lug my machine that far if I took any classes there.

I haven't been there yet, but on line they say they offer classes, sell material and accessories.

I made a sampler quilt one time, along with some really cute potholders and they came out reasonably well for a first try, but one of the inside borders on the sampler drooped a little when it was all finished and hung, and that really bothered me. I wondered where I went wrong, even with all of the great books I had read to go about quilting as well as I could on my own.

I found out that all of their classes were filled, so maybe I'll just meander down there and take a look around and get some prices of things.

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