Saturday, November 26, 2011


As I was watching the HSN shopping channel, I came across the new LG smartphone again.  Since my service expired a couple months ago, I figured I'd better get it, since it was a really good price and I had been waiting for LG and TracPhone to get a more user friendly phone.  The last LG phone I purchased from HSN was a really good starter phone with camera, web, e-mail, texting features and then some and it did a pretty good job at those things.  It had a small screen and it was kind of hard to remember how to get to certain features. 

This new smartphone, however, has all of those features plus a new 2G camera and, get this, voice actuated text messaging.  This means no more typing a text message.  The new phone also has a MP3 player.  Too bad it doesn't have a voice actuated GPS.  Although, I know somebody who has a voice actuated GPS on their phone and it uses land lines to get a direction and a lot of times it doesn't work that well.  Either the phone doesn't understand what she said, or the land line isn't working.  My GPS uses satellites, and you do have to type in your destination, but it works really well practically all the time.

The new phone's service time will be good for one year, so that will cover my most traveled times, Spring through Winter and if my home should happen to sell down south, it will be greatly needed then for when I'm moving.

It amazes me at how long it took, or should I say, didn't take, for me to order.  My call was answered almost immediately.  The order lady had all of my information from my last order, which I believe was from my last cell phone.  In about fifteen seconds the transaction was completed.

However, I did try to order on line.  That was another story.  It was the last airing on TV and I had been on the fence as to if I should order now or wait until after the new years and hope they have this phone again, and maybe ten dollars less.  They had this phone on TV in June and people bought it at, I believe, $129.00 with no car charger, skins or 1300 minutes.  They only got 1000 minutes.

So here I wait again for my new toy.  Tic toc, tic toc...Maybe some day an invention will be made where it will come right through the phone lines as you order it.  Now that would be really great technology.

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