Friday, December 2, 2011


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Please click on this photo to see the cute pattern.  My neighbor plays the piano, sort of, but enough you can tell what song she is playing, so I thought this would be very appropriate material to sew something for her as a gift.

It’s funny how you can forget how to do things such as threading my sewing machine.  I’m trying some simple potholders to get my rhythm back stitching.  Just threading, automatic needle threading and how to set type of stitch length, pressure foot setting was like I didn’t now my machine at all.  I had to read every page of my instruction booklet. 

Frustration started setting in when I tried to make a simple, flat potholder from a video on the internet.  The girl in the demo video left out an important part; how to stack and arrange the cotton batting and the cover material.  I thought I could wing it, but sewed the layers in the wrong order and had to tear out all of the stitches and start all over again.  This time I pinned the layers around the sides first to make sure when I turned it inside out, the material will end up outside and the batting, which is especially made for heated surfaces, was in the inside and in the correct order.  It came out fairly well, for something homemade.  It actually looks kind of cute.  I’ve also made a hot pad to go along with it with a little less thermal batting inside.  Cute duo.  Think I’ll give it to my neighbor next door and her son for Christmas.

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