Thursday, November 10, 2011


Over the past week I still have been on the computer and with my Microsoft tech for about almost 30 hours. I guess I'm just too determined to update and save my old computer.
What had to be done:
  1. Get all of my data, photos and programs on to my Seagate 2T external hard drive;
  2. Uninstall my Vista operating system and programs;
  3. Load up from my Vista installation disk, a new operating system;
  4. Get back and install, configure and personalize all programs I use;
  5. Update all of those programs, which turned out to be over 150 updates.
This is for people with a lot of patience, time and inquisitiveness and a Microsoft tech. with a fun attitude and perseverance. Bless his sole.

This computer now is better than new, plus I was given a whole Microsoft Office 2007 program for free because the tech couldn't get back my Works word processing program. Albeit, it's a 2007 edition, but if you had to go and buy that package, it's over $600. Now all of my programs are updated and continually updates automatically like it should be doing.

This undertaking is not for the faint of heart, because you are on the phone sometimes more than six hours with the tech. Sometimes only three hours, but some programs take hours to load up. It was not only very interesting the way he went into the bowels of my computer; places I have not even known were there. Sometimes the tech would start something and we hang up and the computer would go hours at a time and he'd call me back the next day and we'd continue on.

Even with all of my photos on my external hard drive, my C drive is a little over half full, but still that's very good. Microsoft Office took a lot of space. But now I could get my photos off of the C drive after a while and still have all that space to play in. The photos are what takes up much of the C drive if you don't transfer them on to the external hard drive after a while.

Now learning how to use all of these updated programs is another thing. They sure are nice having though. I feel I've stepped into the 21st century with speed and up to date programs. I just fly through web pages, programs and anything else I want to do.

At our final departure last night, the tech told me he'd always be there for me, so if I had any questions or problems just to e-mail him. All in all, I have my own, free, computer technician to service my computer at any time I want.

Could you imagine if I had to pay a computer person? First, would he know how to do what this Microsoft tech knew how to do? Would the pay for hire tech fix my computer correctly, and if I had any questions, would he be so nice if I asked him questions or things didn't work properly after the fact? I don't think so. Also, I would have had to leave my computer for weeks, I'm sure, with a tech around here. This is one of the greatest lessons I've learned during my life. How great is that?

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