Saturday, October 8, 2011


AT&T so far has been very efficient with your every need from the customer service sign up chat guy to sending me various e-mails to want to help me in every way they can by computer.

I did have a problem this morning trying to set up my AT&T member account where you can look up your paperless bill, which I didn’t want, but they said you can change over again to have a mailed bill after your service is underway.

The problem was a transposed number and getting a member ID.  I chatted with a service rep. who was very helpful and courteous in every way and stayed with me until everything loaded up correctly.  This probably took about a half hour to 45 minutes.

AT&T, in the meantime, has sent me a number of e-mails to help me set up my new computer and has sent me another e-mail that my modem is in transit and due to arrive by next Wednesday.  On Wednesday, by 8:00 PM the service will be on and I will try to hook up my new computer to the wireless network and modem.  I have concerns and hope that another e-mail they sent me regarding hooking up seems really easy.  I hope I don’t have problems.  If so, there seems to be a number of ways to solve any problems I might have.  That makes me feel a bit more at ease.  But like they say, “Hope for the best, but expect the worse.”

This is so exciting and very interesting to me because how technology, in just 4 1/2 years has come along.  AT&T, from what I’ve experienced so far, as also stepped it up with all kinds of ways to get help and, I must mention again, about their specials and their competing with biggies like Comcast.

Anyways, just to update any of you out there thinking about switching internet providers.  But wait…wait until I’m actually on line with you on my new computer.  Did I ever mention I had a problem with trust?

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