Monday, October 10, 2011


Yesterday I learned from another AT&T technician that my speed won't be any more than up to 3G. The sales lady I signed up with either had the wrong information or we miscommunicated the information as to speed.

I tried to get into my paperless account and it would not take my ID, so I called AT&T again. Maybe I'm making too much of all of this transition and the AT&T reps try to make me feel more at ease. They give me all the information they can and maybe a bit too much because when they sent me another e-mail they said they were going to send a technician to my home for the transition. I asked about that and they said he will only be on the outside and not need to come in my house. They talked about how he won't move furniture, so what was I to expect, but to think he would come in and I'd have to wait for him. That's why I wanted to know what my bill said so far. But the rep checked my bill and it was just what I expected. So far.

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