Friday, October 7, 2011


Around 3:30 today my new computer arrived by UPS.  It was a very large box, too large to hold my so small computer of only 15 1/2” screen.  It had no manufacturer’s name of my computer or any other markings on the outside box to let on that a computer was inside.  I guess for security purposes they do this so that no one, including the UPS guy knows what’s in the box.  I’ve heard that people follow the UPS men around the neighborhoods and when the UPS guy leaves a package or box that may look like a computer is in it, they go up where the UPS guy left the box, i.e., porch, besides a door, etc. and just nonchalantly steal the box right off of where the box was left.  I did not have to sign for delivery of my computer, which I thought strange, since it was a fairly expensive product, but who knows how they decide what you sign for or not.

On the taped section of the box the tape actually has printed on it that if this tape is broken do not accept the package.  Also inside where my computer was in its own box which had the manufacturer’s name and spiffy box with a handle on it, it said right on the tape that was holding that box closed, that if that tape was broken, do not accept this product, or I guess call the manufacturer and hopefully they will believe you that the tape was tampered with and there was no computer inside.  Happily, none of these two security tapes was tampered with and the delivery went off without a hitch.

When I took out the voluminous amounts of packing paper which surrounded my computer box which my computer was in, I quickly went in to the smaller computer box to see my new baby.  “How beautiful,” I thought.  The shinny red cover with a beautiful small checked design with a Gateway name in silver was very well designed aesthetically.  I quickly opened up this computer to find what is called a Chiclet keyboard and the same beautiful red which the cover was in at the bottom part of the keyboard.  It also had stickers relaying information as to one click hot keys, Windows7, Quad Core processor, the size of the memory installed, size of screen and DVD, Webcam and Norton 60 day free trial security program and that it is Energy Efficient.  Yep, that’s what I ordered and more.  There is also a multi-gestural key pad where you can move two or more fingers on the keypad and get different results on the screen.  I only see a one click mouse button.  I don’t know how I’ll operate that, but I’m sure I’ll learn that easy enough when I get on line.  It probably is a lot like my microwave with one touch.

As I read the quick start up instructions, the first thing it said is that I must have a wireless modem to connect with this computer.  No more dial up service.  So I told myself I have to bite another bullet every month with a high internet connection fee.

So I called AT&T, just to see if there were any better deals than my current internet provider gave me.  A Southern young lady who kept calling me Miss Buffy started out with the regular AT& T internet service, but fortunately, AT&T U-verse is taking over with faster speeds.  For only $14.95 for a year and a modem for $36 (a special deal) I’m on my way.  The girl also said that if I call in before the year was over that I can continue on with that same $14.95 a month.  When I had called in before they said that the monthly cost after a year would go to $30 a month.  At first she quoted me $19.95 plus $75 for the modem.  That was what I was quoted before, plus $150 installation fee.  Now you call into a number which will guide you along installing your computer yourself.  I’m crossing my fingers that it will be smooth sailing to get going.  So by next Wednesday night or Thursday, with luck, I’ll be whizzing along on high speed wireless wi-fi internet.  I can’t wait to start using this great looking computer.  Another new toy I’m sure (I know) I will enjoy using.

OK.  Now for the first impression I don’t like.  The cover of the computer, although beautiful, it has a shiny cover which may be easily scratched and fingerprints would be seen.  I thought that the cover was a rough red color with a design which won’t show fingerprints or get scratched.  So I guess I’ll just have to be really careful of that unless this shiny cover is stronger and fingerprint resistant than I think.

All of the instructions for use with this computer are all on line, so I’m going to have to read those instructions definitely because some of these keys have signs on them I have no idea what they’re for.

So I guess by Tuesday, I’ll charge up the battery to the computer, await for my modem and the service to be installed on Wednesday.  Got all of my ducks in a row.  They also said that you should copy all of the systems on CDs so if any of your programs go bad, you’ve got backups of those programs.  They say be sure to have enough CDs, but they don’t tell you how many.  I guess I’ll purchase another pack just in case I don’t have enough of the ones I do have.

It’s so exciting to have a new baby in the house.  I guess I’ll be able to even use my old computer on the modem.  Maybe now I can download programs that hadn’t updated in the past.  But I have to remember that my old computer isn’t as fast as my new computer, even though I’ll have a faster ISP speed.  The girl on the phone said it’s faster than the 3G speed on high speed.  So that means I’ll be faster than the library speed which they offer which is 3G.  When they show that girl on the TV ad with her hair blowing backwards on her computer, I guess that will be me on my computer.

So for a name for my new computer.  Red, of course!

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