Saturday, September 10, 2011


They were still packing up the person who died downstairs from me crap at 10:15 PM banging, as usual. The man who lives downstairs and next door to them came out and hollered at them. I heard the son say he was sorry. How much more can we neighbors endure from this white trash?

The son keeps filling up his at least 20 ft. trailer and hauling crap out of that apartment. I really thought this was going to be over by today. This morning about 8:00 AM I smelled smoke. It didn't smell just like regular cigarette smoke either. The daughter and son must be smoking weed. I heard the daughter laughing a lot.

Now they have an estate sale going on. People, strangers coming and going. So we have to endure this weekend with this crap going on. People hollering and banging. It's like my mother died and I'm going through all of this crap. One man came in and looked at the crap and the daughter said, "A lot of lighters." She then laughed. I believe she smokes and I'll be smelling her smoke now, regular and Marijuana.

I had to get out of there, so here I am at the library.

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