Monday, September 12, 2011


I don't believe the trash downstairs. They're still there a week after the bitch died. Last night another repeat banging and throwing things and talking out loud. It was after 11:00. They were measuring something. I believe he's going to try to get his truck and trailer around the fencing in the greenbelt. I heard the man downstairs holler something. Everybody is sick of this.

As I was taking my garbage out last night about 8:30, trying to avoid the raindrops and looking down at the sidewalk leading to the trash bin, luckily I looked up just as I was approaching the trash bin or I would have walked right into the rear of the trash's trailer. He T-boned is truck and his trailer was on the sidewalk! What else? What's next?

This morning I didn't see their cars or trailer, but someone was home. Their door was open. It was quiet. Of course, they get up late, eat dinner at 9:00 PM and start the ruckus at 10:00 PM.

I went down to the rec. room this morning and the computer didn't work. Of course, the manager didn't know how to fix it. I believe these people don't know how to shut down and computer and just press the on button. I've gotten a lot of messages as to the computer crashing because people don't shut down Windows correctly. But what can you expect from these people?

I have to get my own service again. By the time I schlep to the library or have to put up with the computer in the rec. room, I waste gas and most importantly, patience.

Another day in Buffy's life, as I see it.

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