Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Last night, hopefully, was the last night of the cleaning out of the apartment below me. This morning everything was cleaned up outside except for a few packing boxes. I don't know how the inside looks, although I could imagine. With all the junk she had living there for six years in a one bedroom, 650 sq. ft. apartment, I can imagine. Not only that, but the smell must be something else. I must say, with all of my windows open, I can still smell a faint cigarette odor right near my couch. I don't smell any strong cigarette odor from my open windows, so, once again, it's seeping in through the floorboards, walls, vents, window sealant and everyplace else it can get through to me.

While they were having the estate sale, a couple from a few buildings down from us were planning on how they were going to get her couch to their apartment building. I though, "Who would want that smelly couch?" Little did I know, the wife of the couple smoked. I saw her light up a cigarette when she took a plastic patio chair also which they were giving away, since they couldn't sell either one at the estate sale the day before.

The man next door to the smelly apartment is going to explode, I swear. He keeps coming out of his apartment, walking by that apartment, looking into the kitchen window and then quickly walks back to his apartment next door.

I believe he was told about his hacking up flem, chewing tobacco and spitting it up. The reason I know this is because the manager told me he not only smokes but chews. Just about a week ago, though she said he doesn't smoke any more. Well, you just don't stop smoking if you're also chewing tobacco and smoking. I do smell a faint cigarette smoke smell from time to time. It's irritating enough, but not like the bitch downstairs that croaked.

I'm waiting to see, if I can, when they clean the apartment below what it looks and smells like. That would be very interesting.

I now feel a very heavy weight and a knife that has been stuck to my side is gone. How quiet now and we can now have our parking spaces back that these low lifes have occupied. I can now sweep and clean all of the webs on both my patios without being afraid they might complain that some dirt has fallen on their decks. What a relief physically and mentally I finally have.

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